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Patrick Bell


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Interview with Greg Musselman at 100 Huntley St.

Interview with Pastor Phil Collins (Willow Park Church, Kelowna, BC, Canada


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Patrick & Holly Bell met smuggling Bibles and now have celebrated 28 years of marriage.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose to smuggle Bibles?

  2. How did you actually smuggle them in?

  3. Tell us an exciting story that actually happened to you.

  4. Tell us a funny story that happened to you.

  5. Why did you decide to write the book?

  6. You were there in Romania for the revolution. What did you experience?

  7. How did the sudden nature of the revolution change the plot of your book?

  8. There's some romance in your book. Was that a part of your experience?

  9. How much of the book is real?

  10. We've heard that your book sat on a shelf for 25 years. Tell us about that.

  11. How can Christians get involved in helping the persecuted church today?

  12. How should we be praying for the persecuted church?

  13. What are you working on next?

  14. Where can we find your book?

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