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Jim, Nick, and Kirsten have always had a heart for their fellow believers behind the Iron Curtain. It’s one thing to pray for their brothers and sisters in Romania, though, and another thing entirely to face hostile border guards with illegal Bibles hidden in their van. Only God can blind the eyes of those searching the vehicle so the three of them will be allowed to pass through safely.


Someone in the underground Romanian church is an informer, and the three Bible smugglers want to know who. The brutal dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the watching eyes of the secret police, and a personal vendetta being carried out by a colonel with a forty-year grudge has put them and all the believers in danger. As rumors of revolution swirl around them, Jim, Nick, and Kirsten face an impossible dilemma. If they can’t trust those who call themselves Christians, who can they trust?


My name is Patrick Bell. I'm a Canadian, now living in Kelowna, BC. I'm a graduate of Wheaton College (MA, Inter-cultural Studies, 1995) and Regent University (MBA, International Business, 2007).


In 1987, I made a decision to join International Teams (then of Prospect Heights, IL) and deliver Bibles, Christian literature, food, clothing and medicine to Romania and other Eastern European countries. After six months of training, I joined a team in Austria which served as my base from March, 1988 to February, 1990.



Circa 1989

I began research for my novel, In His Majesty’s Secret Service, in January, 1987, when I attended classes at the Slavic Gospel Association under Anita Dyneka and Romanian theologian, Joseph Ton.


On each trip to Romania, I researched the background details for my novel, often using a cassette recorder to record my thoughts or my conversations with believers. Throughout my two years, I was fortunate to deliver tons of books and relief supplies to the believers in Romania, and even more only days after the Romanian revolution in December, 1989.


My heart is for the persecuted church. My thirst for adventure continues unabated. And there are more stories to be told.



IN HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE is absolutely captivating. This is an intriguing story about courageous young people who risked their lives to smuggle Bibles into communist Romania during the revolution in 1989.  I read it in one sitting.  I could not put it down.

Lyle W. Dorsett, Ph.D.

Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Emeritus

Beeson Divinity School , Samford University

Having traveled myself through Romania and other former Iron Curtain countries, I was looking forward to reading Patrick Bell’s new book, In His Majesty’s Secret Service. This action-packed thriller has a masterful blend of history and fiction; a real page-turner! Patrick’s character development is so superb that I was drawn quickly into this intriguing adventure.  A fun, must read!

Jerry Lewis

Former Director, Mount Hermon Conference Center, California, USA

I loved this novel! Each page brought adventure, intrigue, heroism, and deep faith.

Author, Patrick Bell, lived this incredible story in real life. It’s a must read.

Jim Burns, PhD

President, HomeWord, California, USA

Author of Doing Life With Your Adult Kids: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

Patrick Bell takes us on a stirring, memorable, and historic journey in the book In His Majesty’s Secret Service. As a long-ago former Bible Courier myself, I can viscerally relate to the emotions of anxiousness, uncertainty, hope and joy that cycle in every chapter. Patrick vividly describes the remarkable witness of believers behind the Curtain, the honor of those from the West who served the Church in the East, and the staggering suffering that despots like Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu unleashed on millions of his own countrymen. Reading the book is not only a riveting experience, it’s a first-hand exposure to one of the most momentous global events of the second half of the 20th century.

Craig Glass

Peregrine Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I like fictional books if they

  1. Let me learn something that I did not know, or 

  2. Leave me wanting to know what happened after the story ends, or

  3. Make me wish that I had been present when the story occurred, or

  4. Create within me a desire to visit the location of the story, especially if it is a foreign country.

In His Majesty’s Secret Service did all of these which makes this a book I consider worth reading. 

Sandy Davis, Newport Beach, California

Read the amazing, exciting fictional account of Bible couriers going through the Romanian revolution. Feel the pain and the joy of those that suffer for their faith.

See how God works His plan for our good and His glory!

Dr. R. Mark Beadle, CEO, Sevenstar LLC., Texas, USA

As a Bible courier in the late 1980’s, Patrick Bell was not just a front-row observer of the momentous collapse of the communist regimes of Central & Eastern Europe, he was right in the mix of things. So even though In His Majesty’s Secret Service is a fun, action-packed work of fiction, Patrick has managed to capture the tension, uncertainty, and exhilaration of that time and place. Reading through this page-turner brought back to mind many of the places, people, conversations, naiveté, and soul searching I remember from my own experience as a youthful “Bible smuggler".

Greg Reader, Learning & Development Specialist, iTeams Canada, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Based on true events, In His Majesty’s Secret Service delivers unpredictable twists and turns and will leave you thoroughly engrossed. You will be transported to another world. But this book is more than an adventure. It is also a testament to the awesome power of God in a troubled time, and you will be drawn closer to Him in every page.

Nigel Paul, Founder & International Director, MoveIn, Toronto, Canada

Patrick Bell is a master storyteller. You’ll feel like you are there in Eastern Europe in the years around the collapse of Communism. You get a sense for the things that Christ’s Ambassadors see in the parts of the world where the Church is politically powerless, and it isn’t pretty. I hope this book calls out the best courage and faith in another generation who will spread the Good News to those who have no access to it.

D. C. Keane, Mission Mobilizer, Phoenix, AZ

What a treat! Just finished reading In His Majesty's Secret Service in one sitting.

I could NOT put it down. The detail, the character development, the weaving of stories ... incredible!!!!

Darlene Unrau, MA

True To You Educational Coordinator, Kelowna, British Columbia

Patrick Bell hits the target with his award-winning first novel In His Majesty’s Secret Service. Young adults 16 and older will enjoy the mystery and action in this adventure about a group of Bible smugglers who travel throughout Romania before the fall of the Soviet Union. The novel is chock full of historical information as the authentic characters brave some frightening escapades.  Readers will enjoy learning more about the persecuted church through this fictionalized account. Fast moving and well written, the characters and plot engage and deliver.

Pippa Davies

Director, HCS Blended Learning Commons

Heritage Christian Online School, Kelowna, British Columbia

From the very first page of the book, I had a hard time putting it down.  It is such a blessing to read a book about how God can move through people in mighty ways if they truly put Him first every minute of the day.  It was a real inspiration to me to seek more of the will of God in my life.

Janet Rainbow, Former Academic Director

Heritage Christian Online School, Kelowna, British Columbia

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